Shahndel was born in Sioux Falls, SD but through the years has lived in Wisconsin, Washington and Alaska.  The pull of Sioux Falls brought her back in 1993, where she lives today.

Creativity and art have always been the drive behind her progress and she uses those very things to relax and lose track of time with.  Always looking for new and unique items to create, she sometimes comes up with pretty bizarre things, but not to worry, each treasure she creates is definitely unique and stunning.

Coming from a family heritage of writers, she also has written some pieces, one that was published in Mersyside Aquarist magazine in Mersyside, England and has made her proud. Currently, she is working on a memoir that she hopes will be of use to those who are caring for those with serious brain injuries from her personal experiences.  The book will be called This Shell Called Me and everyone on the mailing list will receive a 15% discount when the book is published electronically.

Shahndel has a son and a daughter, both born on June 15th, 15 years apart and has been married/divorced twice.  She is enjoying the single life but who knows, she may end up with her soulmate on a few acres in Arkansas that she owns for retirement.

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